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NMK sound art project 2007

Teoman Madra's project for the triangle project.

ANATOLIA 2010 Global Intermedia

This blog is mainly calling your attention to

A collaboration between dancers, visual artists, sound artists, music.
Visuals will be shown by several of the Triangle Projects artists.


cems1402g.jpg photo: m.germen cemtriplet1.jpg teogram751c.htm from solar2002intermediadance.html

http://youtube.com/tmadra, http://youtube.com/teoman1305


this page is yet to be completed -tm-


program concepts for teoman madra september 10th 2007 presentations -for now almost carefully set >>

"Optimism in the age of Global War"

project will be introduced by Teoman Madra -bio- >> , and appearingly will constitue a series of highly retrospective new media items and videoclips to be publicly
communicated to interested audience of this project






re: 2007+cyber mobility+mcluhan


-special updated, interactive, live interactive video and photo documentations also including partly live presentations of with www.triangleproject,blogspot.com invited artists >> (and participating invited modern dancers from Istanbul) TALIN BUYUKKURKCIYAN, JOANNA, ESRA YURTTEPE etc. will be dancing interactively with or around the performances and preferably next to the new musics -a possible video and photography freelance documentation workshop invite by nmk may also be considered for both participating artists and interested photographers positively- new musics, visuals and interactive modern dance become expanding performances specially in full audience attendance

THE IMPORTANCE and inseparable body of new music today, within a really wide spectrum coverage at random and in full pursuit of the past 50 yrs is being seriously taken in consideration in nmk soundart multi media clip productions. From archive selections 20 video dvd's are going to be screened on with scheduled programs during two weeks 5-10 september 2007 in THE HALL http://thehallistanbul.com info@thehallistanbul.com for the preliminary list of the 20 archive nmk video list please click >> are these engagements to be fully considered art works is the question mark directed to you

In the present age, which now includes the global phenomenon of CYBERSPACE, defined as realm of collective, electronic memory, interactivity through electronic communication networks naturally emerges as a consequence of self-organization. (ARCANA musicians on music 18. chapter deavid rosenboom)

www.newmediakitchen.com content is intentionally hosting teograms while experimentally featuring in large percentage as new visual photographs 2 separate but seemingly aesthetically consecutive sorts of teoman madra works of a long range of 4 decades 1963-2007 that may be called first time, as quoted above TEOGRAMS. Descriptively these teograms can be separated into flash lightmovements' photos since 1963 and secondly in pc programs' artistical deconstructions endaevours...Such a group of (100) teograms is being presented in digital formats 100-300 Kb sizes as selected works, also as slide shows,l atdiversepossible available sizes of max 100-200 cm ink jet prints possilities like multi media posters -these are technically having amazing new print possibilities of 72 dpi'sü tiff or freehand- 9 based visuals Else, for this project (25) teogram selections as works for mega inkjet prints (up to 5 meter sizes will be displayed on the web in digital Tiff formats from nmk archive as DIGITAL.ARTWORKS that can be offered also for collectioners and sale purposes. All this will be launched as an expansiv e and extended Contemporary Art Today communication instance ( possible public purchases and the sponsor activations

all contents at newmediakitchen.com displays and other websites of http://triangleproject.blogspot.com artists and their myspace.com's will draw attention . At this occasion, also a special issue or a vital request of www.newmediakitchen.com for being given in many instances links from all internet connections to diffuse widely the " ANATOLIA 2010 global intermedia" fully, while the content of www.newmediakitchen.com is already nearing a 10 yrs of valuable constant information accumulation


*an archive 1999 dated project on multimedia based cyberspace information pub cafes

Untitled from teoman madra on Vimeo.

"Optimism in the age of Global War"



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